Spare parts for the ZIL-135LM chassis (ZIL-135)

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We sell spare parts for chassis 135LM (ZIL-135)

Oil radiator 135ЛМ-1013010

Heater kit 24v P16K-1015008-B

The exhaust pipe of the right engine 135LM-1203010-B1

Silencer intake pipe of the right engine, right rear 135ЛМ-1203014

Right engine exhaust muffler pipe, left, assy. 135ЛМ-1203020-Б

Inlet pipe for the left engine 135ЛМ-1203024-Б1

Front left intake pipe 135ЛМ-1203030-Б

Left rear intake pipe 135ЛМ-1203032

Exhaust pipe, left engine 135LM-1203096-B

Exhaust pipe, right engine 135LM-1203098-B

Muffler 135ЛМ-1201010

Radiator assy 135ЛМ-1301010

Clutch disc pressure 375-1601090

Clutch disc, leading, middle, assy. 375-1601091

Clutch disc driven 375-1601130

Coupling incl. Clutches on Sat. 200-1601180-A

Clutch bearing GP3-986711-S9

Pneumatic clutch valve 135ЛМ-1602350

Clutch slave cylinder 135ЛМ-1602250

Transfer case cardan shaft vsbore 135LM-2218010-A

The cardan shaft of the front side transmission on Saturday. 135L-2222014

Cardan shaft of the second right-side final drive on Saturday. 135L-2223012

Cardan shaft of the second left-hand side drive on Saturday. 135L-2223014

The cardan shaft of the rear final drive on Saturday. 135L-2224010

Side gear first right on Sat. 135L-2400020

First left side gear on Sat. 135L-2400022

Side gear second right on Saturday. 135L-2400024

Side gear second left on Sat. 135L-2400026

Side gear third right on Saturday. 135L-2400028

Side gear third left on Saturday. 135L-2400030

The fourth right side gear on Saturday. 135L-2400032

Fourth left side gear on Sat. 135L-2400034

Power steering pump 135L-3407200-A

Reducer of the front left and rear right wheels 135L-2600010

Reducer of the front right and rear left wheels 135L-2600012

Medium wheel reducer 135L-2600014

Suspension shock absorber on Saturday. 135LM-2905006-B

Wheel brake shoe on Saturday. 135E-3501224

Wheel brake cylinder on Saturday. 135E-3501244

The master cylinder of the brake on Saturday. 135L-3505010

Hydraulic brake hose on Sat. 135L-3506060-B

Hydraulic brake hose 135L-3506062-B

Compressor on Sat. 135E-3509012-B

Starter СТ106 375Я-3708010

Ignition coil 375Ya-3705010

Final drive hinge on Saturday. 135L-2401310-B

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